Welcome to the CPS Teacher's Service Learning Resource Site. This site features links to a variety of resources that can be helpful to teachers as they develop and refine high quality Service Learning projects with students.

Chicago Public Schools has developed new guidelines for Service Learning. The CPS definition for Service Learning is included in the guidelines. Use the definition as a tool to help you assess whether or not your project meets the core principles of Service Learning. The new Service Learning guidelines place a top priority on classroom-based Service Learning experiences. CPS believes that Service Learning is an important pedagogical tool that can help enhance classroom learning. The Golden Apple Service Learning Recommendations from the Golden Apple Class of 2001 reinforce the current CPS guidelines.

As a teacher developing a Service Learning project, you can access the CPS Service Learning database, a compilation of more than 200 community organizations that will host students for service. You can also access a database of community organizations in Chicago that have the capacity to work with you to develop classroom-based Service Learning projects. This database of 40+ organizations is specially designed for the teacher who wants to do a Service Learning project with his/her classroom but doesn't necessarily have contact with a community partner prepared to work with you on the development of a project. If you need access to still more organizations, the www.Idealist.org website contains a search tool that gives you access to more than 450 organizations in Chicago. You may also want to access the Service Learning Calendar, which lists service opportunities, events, trainings, conferences, etc. throughout the year.

The Service Learning Initiative has developed a number of tools that may be helpful for you as you implement your Service Learning project including documentation forms, and rubrics. Additionally, you can view or download curricular resources. The Service Learning Initiative has developed service project preparation curriculum in three areas: Hunger and Poverty; Housing and Homelessness; and Aging. If you are interested in developing a service project in these areas, the curriculum will help you prepare your students for the experience.

You may also want to check out successful projects that have been completed right here in Chicago. This link can help you as you think about potential service projects for your classroom.

If you still have questions, contact the Service Learning manager at 773/553-3425 or email: jjschmidt@cps.K12.il.us