Service Learning Rubric #1

Rubric Area

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Curricular Links

Minimal to non-existent links to classroom curriculum

Indirect links to classroom curriculum where service enhances general educational goals

Clear, direct links to classroom curriculum and general educational goals

Service project is a natural outgrowth of curricular area of study where service aligns with and enhances curricular content

Links to standards

Minimal to non-existent links to city and state standards

General links to city and state standards

Service project is tied to classroom unit and linked directly with city and state standards

Service project is aligned from the outset with city and state standards and studentís performance is measured based on these standards

Student Voice

Student voice has not  been included in any aspect of preparation or implementation

Students have minimal role in implementation of service project that has been pre-identified by teacher

Students have a significant leadership role in planning, implementation, and reflection of service project.

Students identify, plan, and implement service project and have many opportunities to learn and practice leadership

Authentic community need identified and meaningful service provided

Service project is irrelevant to needs of local community

Service project meets a community need that has been identified by teacher

Service project has been developed in close consultation and cooperation with a community organization and meets a need

Students and/or teacher have conducted a community needs assessment and have developed and implemented a project based on the assessment that delivers a meaningful service.

Connects school and community in meaningful ways

Service project is done without participation of community partners

Service project is completed with existing community partners and strengthens those relationships

Service project creates new relationships with community organizations and leaders

Service project involves community partners in planning and implementation and creates new and lasting bonds between school and community

Skilled adult guidance

Students complete service project without teacher guidance

Teacher provides appropriate information and is present at each stage of the service project

Teachers provide skilled guidance from preparation through reflection stage and help students to draw larger meaning from the service experience

Teachers and other adults facilitate opportunities for inquiry, self discovery from preparation stages and enable students to practice leadership throughout


Students have no formal opportunity to reflect on experience

Students participate in a formal reflection discussion at the conclusion of the service project

Students participate in planned, formal reflection activities at the conclusion of the project including discussion, writing, and other forms of reflection

Students have opportunities through the service project to participate in formal and informal reflection activities including opportunities for public presentation

Project Description:

Service Goals:

Learning Goals:

Standards Alignment: