Service Learning Planning Tool

I. Preparation

A. How will my class identify the problem/project?
  1. Teacher will develop project
  2. Teacher will develop project together in consultation with community partner
  3. Students will brainstorm community problem/project with/without input from community partner
  4. Students will canvas neighborhood to identify problem/project
B. What are the specific links to my curriculum?

C. What are the specific links to city and state standards?

D. What are the service goals? What are the learning goals?

E. How will I teach content and context?
  1. Teacher will utilize guest speakers
  2. Students will work to understand problem through group research and inquiry
  3. Teacher will provide background information

II. Service/Action

A. What organizational/logistical issues need to be addressed?
  1. Class coverage
  2. Transportation
  3. Funds
  4. Parental support
  5. Additional chaperones

B. What roles will teachers/students/community partners play in collaboration?
C. How will students learn through their service?
  1. Interviews
  2. Field notes
  3. Reports
  4. Readings

III. Reflection

A. What formal reflection process will students use?
  1. Review of field notes
  2. Facilitated classroom discussion
  3. Presentation
  4. Journal

B. How will the teacher assess the service experience?
  1. Exam
  2. Essay
  3. Performance/Presentation
  4. Demonstration of having met established goals
  5. Report from community partner
  6. Use of rubric

C. How will teacher evaluate the service experience?
  1. Review of established project service goals
  2. Classroom discussion of student learning based on established learning goals 0
  3. Student survey